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Bridesmaid or Bodyguards


Bridesmaid culture begin?

“Would you be my bridesmaid?” – The question every girl wishes to be asked when her best friend or cousin gets married. We end up fantasizing about our dress, hairstyle, bridal showers and parties. Secretly, we are happier to end up on the bride’s list in the first place.

What if we tell you, brides have an ulterior motive? They don’t want you to walk down the aisle with pretty gowns! They are actually asking you to be their bodyguards.



The tradition of bridesmaids started to ward off evil spirits from getting to the bride. Hence girls dressed up just like the bride walk down the aisle to confuse evildoers and even kidnappers! Same dress, same shoes and even same veils. Here is another secret bridesmaids are never told, if you trip while walking down the aisle, it means you are cursed and never getting married. Don’t fret just yet! History also tells us a way to lift the curse. You just need to be a bridesmaid for some more weddings and true love is not that far! (Source : Wikipedia)

As years flew by, the concept of bridesmaids evolved from bodyguards to a bunch of besties. Being a bridesmaid shows the world, we are essential in the bride’s life.

Let’s face it, brides always make sure no one outshines them! After all, it is her big day! With the uprising of fashion evolution, bridesmaid dresses vary from monotones to different styles. All of them can be in the same colour dress or drape saree in different colours, it’s totally up to the bride.


Bridesmaid Sarees

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